Message from Max Lucado and Randy Frazee

You have heard our identity – mission – vision statement many times; ‘We are the body of Christ called to be Jesus in every neighborhood in our city and beyond.’ And now, we are so excited to share a message about a new Oak Hills Ministry, we call it BranchLife – the Oak Hills Home Church Experience. If you live ‘beyond’ (i.e., live too far to attend one of our campuses), this may be for you!

If you are one of the thousands who ‘do church’ with us online, this may describe you

  • You want us to know that you are out there.

  • You want to be a part of the Oak Hills family.

  • You want to be connected.

  • You want Christian community.

  • You want to share the Oak Hills experience with your friends and neighbors.

  • You are taking seriously the call to all Christians to bear fruit, reach the lost, and be in community.

  • You want to serve others – in your own community.

  • You want to use your gift to mobilize and lead people.

  • You want to manage God’s blessings, in God’s way, for God’s glory.

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