Lead Diligently

  God has gifted you with leadership. Now, you want to lead diligently and develop an Oak Hills Home Church. We are thankful for this and have designed the process to be efficient, effective and edifying.

We are here to help.

For some, the role of leader is an exciting proposition. Just give him or her the tools and hang-on. For others, despite hearing the call from God, there may be questions. “Do I know enough of the Bible?“ “Can I teach?” “Can I lead a service?” “Am I good enough?” We serve and support both types of leaders with access to the full array of Oak Hills online teaching and study resources. We also provide leadership training and monthly leader gatherings where we share prayer, insights and experience with each other.

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We are excited you have answered the call to start an Oak Hills Home Church. We have the tools to equip you and we are ready to join you on this journey.

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